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RS Recycling offers a variety of services ideally suited to clients that require control over the entire disposition process for their assets or waste. Typically, this will be due to BRAND sensitivity, HAZARDOUSNESS of the waste, DATA security (GDPR) and/or UK.GOV CLASSIFICATION.

Commercial expertise spans Brand Protection and destruction activities for hazardous and non-hazardous brand sensitive goods including clothing, footwear, uniforms, body armour, blue-light riot control PPE, consumer electronics, controlled drugs, tobacco and other duty or duty suspended goods. The common factor being the requirement of the owner of the goods that they be destroyed whilst ensuring that NO items leak from the process onto the second hand or grey/black market.

For Government agencies, expertise is focused on project management for the destruction of hazardous, classified or sensitive assets. Often, this will involve multi-phased processing of the assets to remove hazardous and/or classified components within a high security environment. Project management and subsequent destruction will normally be witnessed and controlled by Security Cleared staff employed by RS Recycling. The common factor in these services is the complete destruction of the assets, either to 2mm or 6mm particles/dust or by thermal decomposition in approved incineration facilities where the only output is ash.


Rob Smith has been working in the waste management industry since 1991. Rob’s experience and qualifications are unusual in that they bridge industry sectors allowing for a joined-up approach to waste management, security, safety and environmental compliance across a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams.
Rob started in the waste industry as a Buyer/Driver collecting metals and hazardous liquid waste. He rapidly progressed into operations where he designed, built and managed liquid waste treatment systems. As the industry matured during the mid-to-late 1990s, Rob added waste management licencing and waste consigning skills to his CV shortly before embarking on a concerted training period where he attained WAMITAB and NEBOSH qualifications to support his growing practical skills. In late 2000, Rob moved company, moving away from operations and started his Sales career in hazardous waste. After a steep learning curve and some fantastic mentoring, he finished his “hazardous waste stint” as National Sales Manager for a large, then German owned, waste management company.

Circa 2003, Rob moved into the WEEE sector which was at the time fragmented and developing prior to the implementation of the WEEE Directive. He stayed in a national sales role before eventually moving back into an Operations Director role by 2007, just in time for WEEE.


Subsequent moves within the WEEE sector saw Rob working within the Secure Data Destruction sector and the large scale WEEE processing sector before finally deciding to start his own business in 2014. RS Recycling draws on Rob’s underpinning knowledge of the multifaceted nature of any waste management activity. This is coupled with a deep understanding of the operational, technical and commercial nuances of a wide variety of waste streams, making Rob’s unique skills and experience a rare commodity.In parallel with his waste management career, Rob is a self-taught data-base designer. He has written and developed the software system that runs all aspects of the business including waste management, compliance, auditing, vendor control, certification and accounting.

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