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All waste streams can be simply described as either hazardous or non-hazardous. The management, consigning, handling and final disposal of hazardous waste is complex and highly regulated. RS Recycling provide all the necessary support and expertise to ensure that once we have processed your waste, its subsequent management and final treatment and disposal is in full compliance with all relevant UK safety and environmental regulations. 


Non-hazardous waste is by definition, less hazardous and therefore safer to handle than hazardous waste. However, incorrect recycling, recovery or disposal can lead to non-compliance or worse, increased risk to safety, heath or the environment. It is essential that non-hazardous waste is treated with the same care and attention to safety and compliance as hazardous waste to ensure that it is kept in legally compliant treatment and disposal channels.


WEEE is a complex waste stream that is ideally processed in dedicated WEEE processing facilities. The complexities arise from the number of different components and constituent materials such as plastics, metals, POPs, toxic substances, plus, potential risks from the data that may be contained on hard drives, memory and other data-bearing media.  

RS Recycling will specify the optimum solution for the WEEE waste stream based on a risk based analysis of the waste and its properties.

Where WEEE is data-bearing, specialist techniques will be deployed to ensure that all data is destroyed in line with relevant guidance and UK regulatory requirements. This may mean that the WEEE requires pre-treatment to deal with the data prior to recycling/destruction in line with the WEEE Regulations.

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