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RS Recycling was initially set up as a consulting company with the aim of providing waste management consulting and project management services to other waste companies and SME's. During the first year of trading, a number of large clients expanded their requests to include requiring RS to manage the project onwards from initial consulting into the planning phase, through delivery, completion and final reporting. As a result, RS Recycling has evolved into a professional waste management and brokering service, firmly focused on delivering SECURE DESTRUCTION outcomes with robust chain-of-custody processes.

RS Recycling offers a variety of services ideally suited to clients that require control over the entire disposition process for their assets or waste. Typically, this will be due to BRAND sensitivity, HAZARDOUSNESS of the waste, DATA security (GDPR) and/or UK.GOV CLASSIFICATION. Commercial expertise spans Brand Protection and destruction activities for hazardous and non-hazardous brand sensitive goods including clothing, footwear, uniforms, body armour, blue-light riot control PPE, consumer electronics, controlled drugs, tobacco and other duty or duty suspended goods.

The common factor being the requirement of the owner of the goods that they be destroyed whilst ensuring that NO items leak from the process onto the second hand or grey/black market.

For Government agencies, expertise is focused on project management for the destruction of hazardous, classified or sensitive assets. Often, this will involve multi-phased processing of the assets to remove hazardous and/or classified components within a high security environment. Project management and subsequent destruction will normally be witnessed and controlled by Security Cleared staff employed by RS Recycling. The common factor in these services is the complete destruction of the assets, either to 2mm or 6mm particles/dust or by thermal decomposition in approved incineration facilities where the only output is ash.



The term “Secure Destruction” means different things to different people. To some suppliers, this means that the customer wants a “Certificate of Destruction”. To others, it means that the waste must not be re-used. Often, the customer thinks that by stating that they need Secure Destruction they will in some way be guaranteed that the waste is destroyed. Sadly, the reality is, that unless the process is carefully managed, there is every possibility that waste will leak, untreated, from the process, whether deliberately or by accident, rendering any documentation or statements useless. 

After years of experience across multiple sectors, RS Recycling have developed robust processes, discipline and insightful inside knowledge that allows “Secure Destruction” to be secure and without compromise or risk. This is achieved by wrapping layers of control around the process commensurate with risk level of leakage. This can only be achieved by understanding the need of the client and importantly, the abilities and aspirations of the vendor or vendors involved in processing/destroying the waste. 

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Consulting services are offered on request and can range from a simple waste characterisation exercise to a bespoke waste management permit application. All consulting activities are backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.                    

Consulting activities undertaken by RS Recycling can be summarised under the following headings:

  • Waste Management Licensing

  • Compliance

  • Difficult Waste

  • Project Management       

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Most waste management companies specialise in certain business sectors or even in certain waste streams. When asked to collect waste streams that are not part of their core offering, they will often engage another waste company to handle the work on their behalf rather than turn the work away. Whilst there is nothing illegal about this, it often leads to a poorer level of service or a breakdown in contract continuity. RS Recycling are a Professional Waste Broker, with numerous approved suppliers capable of handling any waste stream, ranging from a simple scrap metal transaction to the disposal of radioactive waste. It’s the philosophy of RS Recycling to work with specialists in their fields and engage with them using a unified management and control platform. This guarantees that every waste stream is handled compliantly and to the highest environmental standard for that waste stream. 



Bringing various disciplines together to deliver a project requirement is a common theme with Specialist Services. Disciplines range from... 

  • providing crane and other lifting services to move over-sized items,

  • radioactive waste identification and disposal 

  • destruction/disposal of boats, aircraft parts, military vehicles

  • other military equipment

    • body armour​ (para-aramid + ceramic composites)

    • parachutes

    • public order and riot control equipment

    • CBRN and other PPE

  • mobile buildings and containers

  • GRP and Carbon Fibre waste

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